Sea Trial with WAM Cat #3

The first two weeks of the assignment for the GIZ implemented Low Carbon Sea Transport project (LCST) in Majuro passed by quickly! Boatbuilding training at WAM has already started and we took the WAM Cat no. 3 out for a sea trial to uninhabited Bok island. This tiny island of about 50 m in diameter is located approx. 25 nm from the WAM campus. Its not an easy sail because its downwind first and upwind to get back home. It was very interesting to see the third version of the WAM cat performing since this model got a different transom shape.

Next week is going to be even more exiting because be go with a WAM team to Aur atoll to check on the Proa design sailing there.

2 thoughts on “Sea Trial with WAM Cat #3”

    1. Hi, Mk3 has a slightly different shaped sterns. Aside of that not much changed. The width is 11 ft, aside of that you nailed it.

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