High and Dry

Sad but true: we have already winterized Proasis. We need to do some work on the bottom of the hulls anyway and I (Henrik) will soon go back to the Marshall Islands for half a year (make sure you stay tuned, updates will follow!).

We had the great advantage of using an electric winch and some nice custome made trolleys to pull her up the beach this time. The task was done very quickly and didn’t took many people.

Speed Run

Spontaneously took Proasis out in 15-20 kn of wind for a speed run. Top speed was 11.7 kn, but to exited to turn on the camera. The video below is shot at 8-9 kn.

The feeling of 10 kn and above is just magical. The platform starts to hum (very gently), spray is flying around the bow and the splashing noise is replaced by a pleasant shhhhhh from behind. everything feels light and free. Just like riding a magic carpet!