Singlhanded to Denmark

My new job started later then expected so I (Henrik) spontaneously took Proasis out for a single-handed trip to Denmark. Some friends where already with their boats in the lagoon of the small island of Skaroe for wing foiling, so the first destination was set. Getting there was quick, despite the distance of 50 nm, due to lots of wind. Proasis was doing 7-9 kn, sailing double digits on a regular base. At one point I had to slow her down to 7 kn because of nasty waves and reef the sail. As reported previously, the zipper reef works, but it takes to long to reef and unreef for my taste. As soon as there is some spare time we will trial different reefing techniques. The way back home was less spectacular but more enjoyable!

Proasis Relaunched

We’ve successfully relaunched proasis last weekend, thanks to numerous people of our local sailing club who helped to push her down the beach. After assembling everything and carrieng countless boxes of very important stuff down the beach we enjoied a very nice 15 nm sail home to our anchor bay. Highglight of the trip was our first catch ever, a huge garfish!

All the improvements were well received, especially the wet box for the anchor and chain. Unfortunately the electric installation is not finished yet so we coudnt test the navigation lights.

High and Dry

Sad but true: we have already winterized Proasis. We need to do some work on the bottom of the hulls anyway and I (Henrik) will soon go back to the Marshall Islands for half a year (make sure you stay tuned, updates will follow!).

We had the great advantage of using an electric winch and some nice custome made trolleys to pull her up the beach this time. The task was done very quickly and didn’t took many people.

Speed Run

Spontaneously took Proasis out in 15-20 kn of wind for a speed run. Top speed was 11.7 kn, but to exited to turn on the camera. The video below is shot at 8-9 kn.

The feeling of 10 kn and above is just magical. The platform starts to hum (very gently), spray is flying around the bow and the splashing noise is replaced by a pleasant shhhhhh from behind. everything feels light and free. Just like riding a magic carpet!

Singlehanded Sea Trial

Took Proasis out for a few days on a singlehanded sea trial to Denmark. Aside of the pure fun and joy of sailing the main purpose was to fine tune the rig and and the general capabilities for short hand sailing.

Sailing into the sunset

It turned out Proasis is quite well suited for this. It is very easy to to find a balanced setup for almost every point of sail. Once the rudder, sheet and mast rake is adjusted properly she perfectly tracks on her course (as you can see in the video above) and hardly needs any attention on the tiller.

The free time under way was used to work on the boat. This includes a new, easier to use main sheet system. The new sheet is way easier to uncleat, adding some safety for the windy days. In addition many minor improvements of the storage system in both hulls were made. It just sucks to dig for equipment when sailing alone.

Anchored in front of Aero

New Reefing System Trialed

After some delay we finally managed to modify our new sail for the reefing system. We have designed an innovative system using a long zipper parallel to the trailing edge of the sail. In strong winds the aft part of the sail is simply zipped of. It works well so far but time will tell whether this is manageable in high winds and swell or not. We will keep you posted!

Sail cut in two to sew in the zipper. Weird feeling to take scissors and cut a nice new sail!
Zipper is on, quite difficult with the small sewing machine.
First test sail with the zipper in. The wrinkles disappear in anything above 5 kn of wind.