Spring Refit

In preparation for the upcoming season we are busy with the typical spring refit and some updates we were planning for a while now. Aside of a new bottom paint and the repair of a dent left by a yacht 2 years ago we finally get a larger leeboard! In addition we cut another hatch in the bow compartment and built in a wet deck for the anchor, chain and other stuff. The wet deck is much like a self draining cockpit, the floor is well above the water line and drain holes allow any water to flow back into the ocean. Because of that the hatch cover does not need to be water tight and is therefore much easier and cheaper to build.

Proasis will get navigation lights (not as easy as it sounds for a boat that travels both ways, maybe this will become another post!), a fully reworked wiring and two additional windows for 360° view from inside the cabin. We hope to hit the water by mid of may.

Now larger leeboard mount. The size of the old mount can be seen by the interrupted black stripe (carbon tow). The old cord length was 300 mm, the new is 420 mm.
Cutting the opening for the anchor hatch. The cut was done extra careful because the cut-out was repurposed as hatch cover later on.
Uncomfortable sanding inside of the bow compartment: Christian is actually hiding inside the hull equipped with a grinder and vacuum cleaner to prepare the sides for the wet deck.