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Marshall Islands

Aur Atoll

Majuro Atoll

Likiep Atoll

Sailig Proasis

Denmark Singlehanded 2023

Relaunch 2023

Meeresschutztage 2022

Climate Week 2022

Singlehanded Trial to Denmark 2022

Kite Proa Launch

KiWo 2022

Sail MK2

Frozen (winter 21/22)

Winter sailing 2021/22

Kiel Climate Week 2021:

Sailing with Mareinoa:

First long range trial:

Proasis construction

Spring Refit 2023

Spar reinforcement and leeboard 2.0

Sail and spars:

Hulls and platform structure:


Transport to Surendorf:

Photoshooting on the beach:



Scale 1:25

Scale 1:5

Real size mockup (windward hull):

First CAD Models