Work on the hulls started

Glassing some bulkheads for the leeward hull

Doesn’t look like a boat yet but we aim to finish the bigger hull of our proa by end of October.

If you like to take a look by yourself feel free to visit us in our workshop:

Its located 15 km from Kiel. The easiest way to get there is to catch a train to Flintbek (regular trains between Hamburg and Kiel stop there). If you take a car leave the A 215 at Blumenthal.

You will find us there every afternoon for the next couple of weeks. Don’t be shy, we are happy about all guests and visitors!

We’ve got a boatyard!

Thanks to some friends we’ve got access to a very nice workshop close to Kiel!

Work on Proasis will start there later this month. If you want to learn how a boat is built feel free to visit us and join the construction team! Everyone is very welcome to become a part of the Proasis team!

Our new boatyard. Boat is almost finished. Just need to magnify it 25 times.