Pit Stops in Fiji

The way from the Marshall Islands back home to Germany is very long, so it was time for a stop in Fiji. The time there was used to meet a lot of people from the canoe building and green shipping sector and do some research at local museums and archives.

One interesting project going on right now is the work Rob Denney (HarryProa) is doing with CATD (Center for Appropriate Technology and Development) right now. He has an 80 ft (?) cargo proa under construction and is setting up a boat building course to build more smaller ones.

Huge cargo proa under constuction

Another interesting meeting took place with a group of traditional fijian canoe builders. It was a pleasure to share some experience from the work on the Marshall Islands for the GIZ implemented Low Carbon Sea Transport project (LCST).

Giving a short presentation at a meeting of traditional Fijian boat builders

COP26 Climate Conference

We are proud and honored to get the opportunity to advocate for climate action as part of the delegation of the Marshall Islands at COP26 climate conference in Glasgow. We had two very nice events where we presented the achievements of Waan Aelõñ in Majel (Canoes of the Marshall Islands) in gaining climate change resilience by reviving the traditional outrigger canoe designs as part of the GIZ implemented Low Carbon Sea Transport Project (LCST).

A recorded video of our session is here available on demand (requires free registration).

We all share the same Ocean!

Northern Germany got pounded by a heavy snow storm with wind up to 60 kn the past couple of days. The roaring sea caused some scary erosion to our shorelines, drowning land which has been there since the ice age.

Clear reminder that we all share the same ocean: If sea level rises in the Marshall Islands it does over here as well.

There used to be 40 ft of beach in front of that dune.

On the Beach

Proasis eventually made it to the ocean for the very first time. We managed to ship (well literally truck) her to the spot where we want to launch in summer. With all the Covid measures in place it was quit a struggle to manage the hole operation.

We plan to finish and launch proasis as soon as the weather allows it in spring. Stay tuned!

Proasis on the Viking way of life

We became friends to the famous German circumnavigator and adventurer Burghard Pieske short after he returned from his “Ana Varu” voyage early 2019.

The pacific proa “Ana Varu”

Ana Varu is a pacific proa. Burghard sailed her from Taiwan to the Marianne’s where he successfully supported the local boat building and sailing communities. Unfortunately “Ana Varu” capsized and was lost to the big blue. But we doubt that the Ana Varu voyage is over yet! Further information can be found here and here.

Aside of his interest for the pacific sailing traditions, Burghard is an expert for European sailing history too! Especially the viking age era in northern Germany and Scandinavia. As part of the Euro Viking project he uses his knowledge for a training program for socially disadvantaged youths and put them back on the road of life. Burghards work is outstanding and deserves honor!

Christian, Henrik and Burghard in front of the molds of a modern viking ship for the Euro Viking program.

International Climate Strike

Proasis proudly participated in the international climate strike on September 20th.

Together with 15000 more we blocked the main highway of our state capitol Kiel.

250000 people marched in Berlin, 1.4 million in whole Germany and multiple more around the entire world!

100000 in Hamburg

We are amazed and grateful to be part of making environmental protection and conservation a mass movement!

We rise like the sea level!