Rudder System and Shunting

Figuring out a reliable and fast way to shunt as well as a rudder system which can work in either direction is the most difficult part of designing a proa. At the same time these two factors determine whether a proa may become a success or not.

For the design of Proasis we heavily relied on proven design features of traditional Marshallese canoes, but added a unique new developed rudder system. This video demonstrates in detail how we shunt Proasis and how our unique rudder system works:

We can shunt Proasis reliably in any condition in less then 60 seconds, singlehanded. Aside of a few occasions with almost no wind and sudden 180° wind shift we never got caught aback (wind from the wrong side). The rudders as well as the leeboard can be pulled up, effectively reducing the draft to 20 cm. The rudders kick up if they hit some floating object or run aground. The kick-up mechanism can be re-engaged within 10 seconds by pushing down the rudder frame.