Scale model (1:5) under construction

The 1:25 scale model turned out to be very promising. As intended, it gave us a better feeling for the shape and led to some changes (extension of the beams to leeward i. eg.).

Next step: a 1:5 full functional model!

Originally planned to be radio controlled, we realized that the shunting process would be very difficult to build and stepped back from that idea. The 1:5 model (1,8m long btw) is now manually controlled and secured by a kite line.

Water bottles for proper scaled weight trim
Beams are lashed on for controlled flexibility

The model will be used to experiment with two different types of rigs and various rudder/leeboard configurations: aside of a traditional oceanic lateen sail (also known as crab claw sail) a newly developed softwing gaff sail with unstayed mast will be tested. The platform is prepared to sail a double rudder configuration (oversized rudders are used for steering and leeway prevention) and leeboard/rudder configuration (leeboard to prevent leeway, small rudder for steering).

Softwing gaff sail
Traditional oceanic lateen (crab claw) sail with double rudder configuration.
Leeboard configuration. The ducktape is not the final solution, the leeboard is supposed to swing back and forth for lateral trim.
Huge SUP board as capsize prevention
Ready for a sail!

Stay tuned, we will post some sailing videos soon!

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