Pit Stops in Fiji

The way from the Marshall Islands back home to Germany is very long, so it was time for a stop in Fiji. The time there was used to meet a lot of people from the canoe building and green shipping sector and do some research at local museums and archives.

One interesting project going on right now is the work Rob Denney (HarryProa) is doing with CATD (Center for Appropriate Technology and Development) right now. He has an 80 ft (?) cargo proa under construction and is setting up a boat building course to build more smaller ones.

Huge cargo proa under constuction

Another interesting meeting took place with a group of traditional fijian canoe builders. It was a pleasure to share some experience from the work on the Marshall Islands for the GIZ implemented Low Carbon Sea Transport project (LCST).

Giving a short presentation at a meeting of traditional Fijian boat builders

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