Singlhanded to Denmark

My new job started later then expected so I (Henrik) spontaneously took Proasis out for a single-handed trip to Denmark. Some friends already anchored with their boats in the lagoon of the small island of Skaroe for wing foiling, so the first destination was set. Getting there was quick, despite the distance of 50 nm, due to lots of wind. Proasis was doing an average of 7-9 kn, sailing double digits on a regular base. At one point I had to slow her down to 7 kn because of nasty waves, and reef the sail. As reported previously, the zipper reef works, but it takes to long to reef and unreef for my taste. As soon as there is some spare time we will trial different reefing techniques. The way back home was less spectacular but more enjoyable due to light and warm weather!

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