Proasis Relaunched

We’ve successfully relaunched proasis last weekend, thanks to numerous people of our local sailing club who helped to push her down the beach. After assembling everything and carrieng countless boxes of very important stuff down the beach we enjoied a very nice 15 nm sail home to our anchor bay. Highglight of the trip was our first catch ever, a huge garfish!

All the improvements were well received, especially the wet box for the anchor and chain. Unfortunately the electric installation is not finished yet so we coudnt test the navigation lights.

2 thoughts on “Proasis Relaunched”

    1. We do not have plans for proasis available at the moment. Proasis is a prototype and still under development, therefore we are unable to present a finished product yet. We do, however have very comprehensive step-by-step plans available for the WAM Catamaran and the WAM Proa, both based on the lessons learnt with the proasis prototype and developed in close cooperation with the traditional canoe experts from Waan Aelon in MAjel as part of the GIZ funded Low Carbon Sea Transport project in the MArshall Islands. You can find and download them in the publication section. Two additional text books, leading through the entire design and construction process of each design are in the review stage currently and will be published soon.

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