Back in the RMI

While winter is hitting the northern hemisphere I (Henrik) are back in the Marshall Islands to continue the work with WAM as part of an assignment for the GIZ implemented Low Carbon Sea Transport Project (LCST). The main focus is keeping a track on the boats we built early 2020. Two of them are extensively used on the outer islands while three of them are actually undergoing modifications at the WAM workshop.

Approaching Majuro Atoll. Unfortunately it didn’t worked out to sail there.

So far the weather hasen’t been good enough to take some decent photos but they will follow at time. Maybe already a short preview on some obvious changes compared to 2018 and 2020 I noticed in Majuro:

  • Coastline erosion is prominent everywhere, trees are washed away
  • Beaches disappeared
  • Plastic trash is piling up
Trees are washed away by waves somewhere close to Ajeltake.
There used to be a nice beach with white sand right here in 2018. Kids used it to go swimming all the time. The main problem here seems to be illegal sand mining for concrete.

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