High and Dry

Sad but true: we have already winterized Proasis. We need to do some work on the bottom of the hulls anyway and I (Henrik) will soon go back to the Marshall Islands for half a year (make sure you stay tuned, updates will follow!).

We had the great advantage of using an electric winch and some nice custome made trolleys to pull her up the beach this time. The task was done very quickly and didn’t took many people.

2 thoughts on “High and Dry”

  1. Hi Henrik,

    I love your proa and particularly the fact that you built it yourselves. Did you design it too? Or maybe commision a designer to collaborate. I’d love to build something similar, perhaps with a bit more weather protection but the same configuration with the rig on the longer slimmer hull and the accommodation on the other side. I’m glad you’re having so much success with it.


    1. Thanks! Yes, we designed and built it yourself. Inspiration came from the Marshall Islands (the reason for the proasis project) and Rob Denneys Harryproa designs. What do you mean with more weather protection? The initial idea behind the design was that everything can be operated from inside the windward cabin so nobody needs to be outside in bad weather. Right now its not quite like that, mainly due to the way we shunt. It was way easier and faster to build this way. but we might do modifications in the future to step by step reach this goal.

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