Fire at WAM

Despite the War in Europe we have more sad news unfortunately. Waan Aelon in Majel, the organization in the Marshall Islands we support, burned down last night. Fortunately, nobody was harmed but both workshops, the canoe house, most of the tools, the entire office, old artifacts and multiple canoes were destroyed.

This is a heavy loss for the Marshall Islands and the hole world. In the past 30 years WAM has not only trained hundreds of young people in traditional arts and life-skills, WAM also documented canoe sailing and is a key institution for the transitioning to low carbon shipping by combining indigenous knowledge and modern science. We had just rebuilt and renovated large parts of the WAM campus to host more workshops for canoe building.

The WAM family is like a second home to us. It is impossible to bring back the things that were lost to the flames but we do not leave or WAM family behind! Please help us to finance the most crucial reconstruction! If every one gives a few bucks we can rebuilt WAM together. You can donate on gofundme:

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