New Sail under construction

We’ve started to make a new sail for Proasis. This time with a better cloth and improfed shape. We will also try an innovative system to reef the sail (reduce sail area in strong wind).

2 thoughts on “New Sail under construction”

  1. How is the sail project going? It’d be awesome to see what you guys have been up to. Your reefing notion has me intrigued as to what it’ll look like and how it’ll function!

    1. Hi, so far we are doing good! Proasis is in the water and waiting for her new sail. Unfortunately most of us had to take some time off due to covid infections, that slowed the construction of the new sail down. Now we are quit late for the upcoming season but hope to eventually try it next week. The reefing system is a bonett style with zippers, inspired by the mini 6.5 class. Its not installed yet (we first want to see how the general shape of the sail looks like before stitching on the zippers) but we will have detailed posts and maybe a video showing it as soon as it is finished. Fingers crossed, all very experimental! If you have further questions fell free to drop us a message at!

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