2nd Birthday

On this day, two years ago, the first post was published on www.proas.is. Thanks to all our supporters we’ve come a long way in these two years!

From the very first sketches and calculations over various model tests and real size mockups we’ve made it through endless hours of laminating fiberglass, gluing, sanding and painting. Now we have a beautiful sailing proa and can start to work on the real mission: climate action now!

4 thoughts on “2nd Birthday”

  1. Hi guys
    So what is the verdict on the rudder set up , structurally and directionally , plus leeboard of course

    Performance issues up or downwind ?

    At what angle to the wind do you withdraw the leeboard .

    Is sailing upwind with rear rudder , plus leeboard , giving you adequate vmg , ability to go to a mark

    1. Hi Paul,

      what exactly do you mean with “verdict on the rudder setup”?

      Rudder and leebord both works very well. Super easy to shunt. We will add a kick-up mechanism to the rudders soon (already built but not implemented), so in case we it the ground nothing gets damaged.

      VMG is ok, could be better though. Reason is that the leeboard is a little bit to small due to a mistake during the construction (30 cm cord instead of 40 cm). We will make a new leeboard over the winter. Im pretty confident we will tack through 90° eventually (100° right now).

      Usullay we are to lazy to lift the leeboard when going townwind. I think its not really doing anything with the wind from 90° or aft.

    1. Worked all very well from the beginning, no problems. We will soon include a kick-up mechanism in the rudder rod to ensure we dont break stuff when hitting ground or floating objects. The mechanism itself already exists on the workbench but hasnt been tested under real sailing conditions yet. There will be a special post to cover this topic!

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