Rudder Mounts under Construction

As promised 2 weeks ago some more detailed shots of the rudder mounts:

The rudders hang on triangle mounts , one on each beam. The forward one will be rotated under the tramp when sailing. Hopefully this will keep the rudders away of waves and avoid the splash often seen on proas with rudders at the forward end of the leeward hull.
Rudder mount folded under the trampolin for a left tack. The mounts will be able to kick up to the other side as well to some extend in case of ground contact.
The rudder foils (old F18 daggerboards, made longer, see yellow part) go into cassets. The foils can be pulled up to adjust the wetted surface and the depth.
The cassetts are bolted to the triangle mounts. One of the very few times metal is used on proasis.
This is how everything will go on the beams. The cardboard is a model for the tiller mount (still under construction).

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