Playing with the Rig

Had time to put the spars (at least parts of them) and the sail on the proa for the first time. Even performed some test shunts. Works all very smooth, time for the finish now!

Proasis with mast up and sail on the ground.
Mast with rojak maan (upper spar, top not attached) and rojak korra (lower spar, kept in place by Christian).

2 thoughts on “Playing with the Rig”

    1. Hi Paul,

      for the first test runs we will put the depakaak (base for the sail tip) on the beams. When the boat is balanced we will keep them there, if not they will be moved accordingly.
      The tack of the sail will be connected to nothing. To our experience the pure micronesian way works far better than all those fancy constructions with ropes and tracks. Takes only a few seconds to pick the sail up and place it on the new side. Aside of this it is very important to do the shunt in the rhythm of the canoe and the ocean. Otherwise there is a high risk of getting caught aback. Shunting aids like tracks and ropes are only obstructions and cause far more problems than they solve.

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