Leeboard attachment finished

The leeboard is designed to prevent leeway and allow proasis to sail closer to the wind. It is carved from light wood and reinforced by glassfiber. As a proa sails to each direction, the leeboard got an experimental ogival airfoil shape.

It is attached to the leeward hull by wooden rails and fully retractable.

Ogival airfoil shape.
Leeboard rails under construction.

2 thoughts on “Leeboard attachment finished”

  1. Hi guys good work

    Am familiar with this proa paradigm

    How are you proposing to steer the boat.

    What style rig are you going to use

    1. Hey Paul,

      proasis will get two rudders, one mountd on each beam. They are retractable and foldable. The forward rudder will be foldet under the trampolin. We just started the construction and will post updates soon.

      We will use the traditional Marshallese sail without any modifications except that we have glass fiber spars instead of wood to safe weight. You can see the rig on the video of the 2m model, just browse to gallery > videos

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