Workshop in Majuro started

Rob, Henrik and the trainees of 2020

The boat building workshop in Majuro (Marshall Islands) started 3 weeks ago. In preparation, Waan Aelon in Majel (WAM, Canoes of the Marshall Islands, our partner and source of inspiration) got major facility upgrades such as a beautiful new workshop just on the edge of the lagoon funded by the project “Transitioning to Low Carbon Sea Transport”.

WAM campus in Majuro, RMI. The old canoe house in the center (tall roof), the new slipway in front. The workshop Henrik is working is on the right, just above the sea wall.

WAM took care over the procurement of all necessary materials for boat building and selected 10 Marshallese as trainees for the boat building workshop. Final goal of the entire project is to train future trainers in boat building and by that eventually replace engine powered boats by sailing vessels for transportation, fishing and travelling in the Marshall Islands.

The TLCSeaT team: Rob Denney, Henrik Richter-Alten, Siegfried Wagner, Michael Traut, Suewellynn Johannes-Langrine, Alson Kelen, Sascha Strasser, Raffael Held (left to right)
Some trainees have a hard time at the workshop since WAM is a drug, and especially smoke free place!
How to scarf plywood …
First catamaran hull on the left, proa windward (small) hull on the right. So far so good after 1 week.

The workshop is guided by Rob Denney (famous proa designer from Australia) and Henrik Richter-Alten (engineer and part of the Proasis team from Germany).

Rob and Henrik explaining important stuff

During the next 3 month they will build two different prototype designs and do a refit with their trainees: a traditional based catamaran, the Mini Cargo Proa and an old glass fiber catamaran (Ailuk lagoon bus).

Stay tuned, more details follow soon!

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